The solid tumor cancer stem cell consortium (Solid TUmor CaNceR Stem cEll network, SUNRiSE network) aims to bring together scientists with a common interest for the cancer stem cell field in solid tumors. These scientists are currently or plan to develop research programs that will decipher the cancer stem cell biology.

The SUNRiSE network originated from the desire for collaboration among CSC researchers in Marseille (Pr Emmanuelle Charaffe-Jauffret and Dr Christophe Ginestier, CRCM), Montpellier (Drs Julie Pannequin and Jean-Marc Pascussi, IGF), and Nice (Dr Thierry Virolle, iBV). This project is strongly supported by the Cancéropoles Grand Sud Ouest (Cancéropole GSO) and Provence Alpes Cotes d'Azur (Cancéropole PACA).

Our specific objectives:

  • To aggregate expertise and resources to build a critical mass of researchers to accelerate the rate of research discoveries in the solid tumor CSC field.
  • To promote collaborations in order to coordinate efficiently requests for grant applications (National and European)
  • Expand researcher’s breakthroughs to a multi-disciplinary level with a “trans-pathology” interest
  • Accelerate rate and intensity of cancer stem cell research findings and their translation to clinical application (attract clinicians and pharmaceutical companies to develop anti-CSC drug-based clinical trials).

The SUNRiSE Society is now running !

We are pleased to annonce that the SUNRiSE Society has officially been created in December 2017. You can consult its first executive board and download the statutes : Statuts sunrise 2017Statuts sunrise 2017

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By joining the SUNRiSE Society, you will be informed and participate in the SUNRISE network meetings and courses with reduced registration fees. In addition, you can, if you wish, be part of the organizing commitee, participate in working groups and receive montly the SUNRiSE Newsletter.

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3rd SUNRiSE Meeting "New advances in Cancer Stem Cells", Nice, May 16th-17th, 2019


In cooperation with the FSSCR – French Society for Stem Cell Research and the Cancéropole PACAthe 3rd meeting of the solid tumor cancer stem cell network (SUNRiSE) took place in Nice (Chateau de Valrose) the 16-17th of May 2019. A panel of worldwide experts dealed with breakthroughs about Cancer Stem Cells in solid tumors and we had the privilege to welcome John Dick, the pioneer in this field.


Speakers were John Dick (University Health Network, Toronto, Ontario), Yasuhiro YAMADA (Institute of Medical Science, Tokyo, Japan- FSSCR invited Guest), Julio A. Aguirre-Ghiso (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York), Eduard Batlle (IRB, Barcolona), Jacco Van Rheenen (NKI, Amsterdam),  Eric Solary (IGR, Paris), Dmitry Bulavin (IRCAN, Nice),  François Valette (Univ. Nantes), Xiu-wu BIAN (Southwest Cancer Center, China) ! 

Download a detailed version of the 3rd SUNRiSE Meeting: Program NICE 2019Program NICE 2019 

Pictures available HERE ! Picures from Jihane and Julien !