Become a member

The SUNRiSE Network is a member-driven initiative.

Become a member of the SUNRISE network is being part of an active network made up of students, scientists and clinicians with a common interest for the cancer stem cell field in solid tumors. Membership in the SUNRiSE Network is open to individuals who are interested in cancer stem cell research and cancer-stem cell-based medicine. This can be demonstrated in the form of publications and regular attendance of relevant scientific meetings.

The member ship is OPEN to persons world-wide and not restricted to persons working in FRANCE. Members accept the articles of association and rules of the SUNRiSE Network.Statuts sunrise finalStatuts sunrise final

Benefits of membership

  • Reduced registration fees for the bi-annual conference of the SUNRiSE Network,
  • Reduced registration fees in courses organized by the SUNRiSE Network,
  • Possibility to participate in working groups and develop new collaboration among members,
  • Receipt of SUNRiSE Newsletter,
  • Participation and co-determination during the annual convention of SUNRiSE members,
  • Admission to the internal members area and to the contact details of all members, who agree to this.

Annual fee (2018) : 25 euros

To apply for membership, download and complete the document form below and send to .

Membership application form 11012019Membership application form

After approval by the SUNRiSE board you will reveive an acceptance email containing your personnal identification codes and inviting you to upload your CV and send your annual fee by postal mail back to the SUNRiSE central office.