April 2016


Per2 induction limits lymphoid-biased haematopoietic stem cells and lymphopoiesis in the context of DNA damage and ageing. (Nature Cell Biology)

Depletion of Per2 leads to a stabilization of the number of immune cells in the blood of aged mice and prolongs their lifespan.

A Long Non-Coding RNA Targets microRNA miR-34a to Regulate Colon Cancer Stem Cell Asymmetric Division (Cell Res)

Long non-coding RNA Lnc34a is enriched in colon cancer stem cells and initiates asymmetric division by targeting the microRNA miR-34a to cause its spatial imbalance.

Gastric Lgr5+ Stem Cells Are the Cellular Origin of Invasive Intestinal-Type Gastric Cancer in Mice (eLife)

Depletion of Smad4 and PTEN in Lgr5+ cells leads to a rapid onset and progression from microadenoma and macroscopic adenoma to invasive intestinal-type gastric cancer.

Twist-Mediated Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition Promotes Breast Tumor Cell Invasion via Inhibition of Hippo Pathway (Sci Rep)

Overexpression of Twist increased expression of PAR1 (an upstream regulator of the Hippo pathway), promoting invasion, migration, and cancer stem cell-like properties in breast cancer by activating the transcriptional co-activator TAZ.