Marseille - 2015

The SUd CaNceR Stem cEll network (SUNRiSE network) organized is 1st annual meeting entitled “Stem Cells and cancer” in Marseille (France) at the Cancer Research Center of Marseille from the 18th to the 19th of November 2015.

1st sunrise meeting

 Topics included:    

- The role of cancer stem cells in tumor initiation- Cancer stem cells, niche in the tumor microenvironment

- Cancer stem cells and therapeutic resistance

- Targeting cancer stem cells

- Tumor and cell plasticity

- The role of cancer stem cells in metastasis


Download meeting programProgramme sunrise vf1Programme sunrise vf1 (714.95 Ko)

Download the meeting Booklet Booklet sunrise 18 19 nov 2015 vfBooklet sunrise 18 19 nov 2015 vf (1.62 Mo)

Programme marseille 2015