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Solid Tumor Cancer Stem Cell Network
The « Cancer Stem Cell » Network (SUNRiSE, Solid Tumor Cancer Stem Cell Network) aims at promoting basic and translational research in the field of cancer stem cells in solid tumors…



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Fueling an international community with CSC expertises.
Allowing best international experts to meet and exchange on breakthrough discoveries about cancer stem cells is one of our network priorities. Because together is always better than alone, this unique opportunity in France allows important collaborations to rapidly develop efficient weapons to fight against cancer. The SUNRiSE network organizes, once every 2 years, international meetings in French cities to allow the spread of the most important discoveries in the field of cancer stem cells.

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Training sessions on cancer stem cells (CSC).
Since SUNRiSE Network has been created, our first priority has been to train young researchers and medical doctors to this important topic. We also aim at increasing their awareness to include cancer stem cells in their research to fight against cancer. If we want a change in the paradigm of cancer evolution and cure, education is the mainstay of this revolution. It is also necessary to educate and sensitize people working in pharmaceutical companies as well as clinicians to encourage them to respectively develop treatments to eliminate CSC and to organize clinical trials including these innovative and promising new medicines for patients.


Becoming a member of the SUNRiSE Network is being part of an active network made up of students, scientists and clinicians with a common interest for the cancer stem cell field in solid tumors. Membership in the SUNRiSE Network is open to individuals who are interested in cancer stem cell research and cancer-stem cell-based medicine (…)